Terrain Generation with Perlin Noise

The other night, I was feeling up for a coding challenge. I wanted to play around with using noise to procedurally generate some terrains using Three.js. After a short research session, I decided I would produce the height values for my terrain using a Perlin noise function. Once I had these values, I could then easily update the geometry in my terrain. If you’re interested in doing this as well, I’ll walk you through some of the code for my solution below. Continue Reading →

Happy Pi Day!

Today marks one of my favorite days of the year: Pi Day. Each year, on March 14th (or 3 / 14), people around the world choose this day to celebrate one of the most important mathematical constants, represented by the Greek letter Pi (π). What I love the most about this day is that I seem to learn something new about Pi each time it comes around. All around the internet, people will share their favorite uses of Pi as well as interesting facts and stories involving the number. Continue Reading →

Hello World

A while back, I was asked to build a Squarespace site for a client. During the process of identifying their needs, I decided to create a personal website for myself to gain some familiarity with the Squarespace offering. All things considered, I was pleased with my experience. The developer platform enabled me to meet all of my client’s requirements, and training them to use their new website was a painless experience. Continue Reading →